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Data about you. With you.

As we navigate the physical and digital world we leave behind an immense trail of data about us, describing what we do and how we do it. This data is highly valuable for designers and researchers everywhere. However, it is often limited as it is one-dimensional and lacks context and details that only we can provide.
Here, we invite you to contribute to design and research projects by donating and enriching your personal data.

Data trace

What is Designerly Data Donation?

DDD is a platform where individuals can donate data - and information about that data - to designers and researchers working on specific projects. With platform we intend to enable collaborations through data between designers and researchers (experts in their field), and people (experts in their experiences).

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Getting Started

To get started, you first need to log in or create a Data-Centric Design Lab account. This process only requires an email address, which is necessary to enable you to donate and control your data.
Besides, having an account will allow you to manage your donations and keep track of your contributions across multiple projects over time.

Data trace